About Us

a fast, first class service to clients by providing highly qualified Inspectors and applicators
to the offshore, rail, highways and renewable energy sectors.

Welcome to Shield Resin Coatings Ltd

Shield Resin Industrial Coatings Ltd are a Coating applications and Resin Bound Company that provides a fast, first class service to clients by providing highly qualified Inspectors and applicators to the offshore, rail, highways and renewable energy sectors.

Our applicators understand the need to perform quality work that exceeds our client’s expectations and our highly skilled and experienced coating inspectors can be there at a time suitable for the client to ensure works are completed in accordance with the specification and standards.

Robert Alan Darby

Managing Director

We set ourselves apart from the competition by providing our staff with support and up to date in house training enabling them to provide a comprehensive service from the initial survey to onsite inspections and coating application through to completion.



We cover any area within the UK and further afield, we have worked for many clients from offshore asset owners to smaller contractors.

By working closely with our clients, we understand the project and are able to bring innovative ideas to get the work done on time and to the highest standard.


At Shield Resin Industrial Coatings Ltd we pride ourselves on our operative’s experience, qualifications and attitude towards health and safety.

We provide applicators qualified to a leading industry training Scheme, our inspectors are qualified to ICorr or NACE levels 1 & 2 and we have several level 3 senior inspectors and senior corrosion Technologists on the team to cover every aspect of our clients requirements, our in house trainer ensures that training is up to date to ensure new technologies and solutions are adapted promptly and efficiently to ensure the work is carried out to the satisfaction of our clients.



Challenges associated with protective coatings application and inspection include defects or failures in coating systems, proper surface preparation, cleanliness, and environmental condition applications. It is essential to verify the quality of coating procedures to prevent unnecessary problems.  These challenges can cause delays in the construction schedule, which as a result, will increase the costs of the project. Shield Resin Industrial Coatings Ltd has the ability to provide protective coatings applicators and inspection services to ensure surface application methods, required thicknesses, and/or preparation methods are done according to standards and specifications.

What is Industrial Protective Coatings?

The surface preparation and application of a protective coatings system is the foundation for a successful long-lasting coating system.  Many factors should be considered when designing a coating specification including but not limited to environment, expected service life and application limitations.

Good execution of the preparation / application process is necessary to maintain a low annual cost. Also, our Certified Inspectors can be present to witness and perform visual inspection of coatings in accordance to SSPC Specifications and manufacture requirements.